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Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and a comfortable management environment with server virtualization, which offers you a list of advantages with your RootServer.


Increased performance with a few clicks of your mouse. Upgrade your RootServer quickly and easily in your customer panel. No cancellation or reorder necessary.


With a snapshot you backup your current operating system, including all settings, installations, patches etc. That way you can easily transfer them onto your additional RootServers or restore them, in case of a reinstallation, with one simple step.


Get access to your server almost as soon as you order it. We guarantee the setup of your RootServer within minutes.


We take the hard out of hardware to make your life easier. Our system engineers work around the clock to make sure all host systems, including the RootServers hosted there, are available.


serverPlanets Panel

Manage your RootServer remotely just as if it were on-site. Initiate a reboot, a reinstallation or an upgrade with a few clicks in your serverPlanets panel. Additionally, you can see all statistics, create snapshots, configure your firewall or perform automatic backups. And the restore and rescue functions will aid you in case something doesn't run smoothly.

Root access

You have full administrative access to your RootServer. So you can do everything with it what you desire.

These and other applications are possible on your RootServer:


Install and run all PHP5 scripts on your RootServer.

Full CGI access

Execute any amount of CGI scripts on your RootServer, including a discussion forum, chat, online shop, and more.

MySQL databases

Your RootServer supports the high-performance database MySQL.

Cron jobs

You can create any number of cron jobs on your RootServer. These are tasks that are executed automatically in preset intervals.

Shell access via OpenSSH

Just log on to the system environment of your RootServer via SSH. You can sign in as a regular user or a root user.

Own programs

There is no limit to the programs that you can install on your RootServer.

SSL encryption

Host SSL encrypted websites on your RootServer by simply installing an SSL certificate.

Data traffic


As part of our fair use policy, enjoy total freedom with your RootServer without fear of hidden fees. No matter how much traffic you use, we guarantee that we will not surprise you with additional costs.


Up to 1,000 Mbit/s bandwidth are available for your RootServer on the host system. This ensures consistently high levels of performance, even in the event of numerous database queries.


We guarantee a network availability of 99.9% (based on our annual average).

IP addresses

Your RootServer already includes one static IP address. Simply order additional IPs in your severloft panel when needed.


Operating system

Choose from the most popular Linux operating systems: CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian. You'll receive your operating systems as installation-ready templates which are already updated with the latest patches and extensions.

Install your operating system with a few mouse clicks in the serverPlanets panel and just as easily switch to a different operating system.

Plesk Control Panel

On request you will receive the Parallels Plesk Control Panel with your RootServer, free of charge. It will be installed directly with your operating system and offers you an intuitive graphic user interface for your server management. This allows you to manage your domains, e-mail accounts as well as user accounts, among other benefits.

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NEW: Applications

Useful applications for bloggers, webmasters, small businesses and cloud users. Install your desired application on your RootServer for free - With the click of a button in the serverPlanets panel.

Tine 2.0

Tine 2.0 unites groupware with CRM (Customer Relationship Management). You can use extensive groupware functionality, e.g. calendar, address book, task and time management, or an IMAP webmail client. So you can always work together with your colleagues, even if they are on the other side of the world. Tine 2.0 also supports AcitveSync, so that contacts, calendar entries, and e-mails can be synchronized with smartphones. In addition, Tine 2.0 offers a helpful CRM system to support your sales.


WordPress has become known primarily as a software for the creation and maintenance of blogs. As an easy-to-use content management system it allows quick management of text and images. In addition, there is a variety of free and paid design templates to choose from. With WordPress it is possible for everyone to start a blog or a website within minutes even without prior experience.


Drupal is a content management system (CMS), which is used for content creation and maintenance of websites. A special feature of Drupal is that it allows the creation of communities. Supported by a comprehensive role and rights system Drupal enables the members of a community to collaborate on content. Drupal is open source, so there are always new modules and themes available to extend the functionality.


24/7 and free: Brilliant Support by serverPlanets comes standard for all RootServer customers.

Brilliant Support: Your complete all-around service

  • Here for you 24/7/365
  • Completely free
  • By phone or support ticket
  • Help by experienced IT experts
  • Comprehensive hardware and software support
  • Guaranteed fast response
  • Solutions tailored to your unique needs
  • Support in more than 10 languages (English, German, and many more).


Reliable high-performance hardware is the basis of our RootServers. The latest brand name servers by HP, equipped with 32 core AMD Opteron server processors as well as 256 GB DDR RAM ensure high performance.

Additionally, your own hardware-based RAID contributes to an excellent operating speed with the best I/O rates as well as to the data security of the RootServers.

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