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Reseller Program

The Reseller Program gives you the opportunity to gain all the benefits of running a self-owned hosting company without the downside of investing time and money in software solutions for server management.

Our Reseller Program is open to anyone interested in starting a hosting business. But it's also great for experienced individuals or companies that wish to expand their range of products and services.

Get everything you need to start your own reseller brand – a Control Panel for each of your customers with lots of useful functions, the possibility to create your own design for the Customer Panel, and the freedom to determine what features you want to offer them. With our Reseller program, you'll have access to a number of customizations. And here's the best part – it's all FREE! Still not convinced? Check out some of the other benefits of being a Reseller:

Customize and Brand Your Reseller Panel

Our newly designed Reseller Panel offers various features and options for you and your customers as well as an easy way to manage multiple servers through one interface. With this excellent software developed by our own software engineers, we offer you a Control Panel for your servers, as well as one for your customers. You can customize your Reseller Panel based on your specific needs, including incorporating your branding. The options are virtually endless: change colors, fonts, upload your company logo and more. The Reseller Panel also supports additional languages.

Discounts on All Dedicated Servers

We offer various discounts on all products, depending on the Reseller Level. The Reseller Level depends on the amount of servers needed and the annual revenue generated. Discounts vary from 5% up to 20% on all dedicated servers. Additional features are offered with a discount of up to 30%.

Instant Server Setup

Benefit from the back-end software we have developed to help you administer the servers and provide your customers with instant server setup, guaranteed within less than 24 hours.

Flexible Terms and Payment Options

Payments can be made risk free on a monthly basis by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer (bank transfer is available to Gold and Platinum Resellers only).

Choose From Dozens of Products

We offer a wide range of more than 30 different dedicated server types and additional options like KVM-over-IP, Load-balancer, Monitory Systems, Private Network, Plesk control panel features and many more ...

We offer you the highest standard of hosting so that you can provide your customers with nothing short of the best products on the market.